Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Uncle Sam: Dirty, Greedy Whore

Am I pissed at how the government, top officials, and CEOs run the country and businesses?  You betta believe it!  Two years ago, the economy took a big decline...AIG and Leman Bros almost collapsed, followed by home foreclosures, increase in job losses and lay-offs, government bail out which used tax payers' money, therefore increased national debt.  Why reward bad business behavior?  Everything boils down to the good 'ol dollar and cent.  Businesses use bad tactics to gain YOUR money and when things go wrong, guess who they need help from??....YOU!!  Is this a vicious cycle or is this a bad nightmare that just won't end?!?  Maybe it's both!  All the bureaucratic bullshit that goes on in Washington by elected politicians and the two-faced CEOs are blinded by power and dollar signs to see how their behavior and leadership affect the American people.  Everyone of these "top wigs" are out for themselves and don't give a damn about those people who work and struggle to make ends meet.  Who knows what the future holds, hopefully the economy will get better in the next couple of years.  Remember, it took years for it to fall and it will take years for it to become good again.  So do you think Uncle Sam learned his lesson from this almost "Great Depression: Part Deux?"  Probably not because he is a dirty, filthy, greedy whore!  The vicious cycle will continue, I just hope I'm not around to see another collapse.    

Uncle Sam...I WANT YOUR MONEY (whether you like it or not)!